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Construction organization of coal shed ball grid

2020-07-11 08:54:12

Construction organization of coal shed ball grid

Generally speaking, there are two common ways to arrange prestressed cable in spatial steel mesh structure. The other is the external bushing. In this way, the layout of cables will occupy too much space of the building, which is conducive to the spatial expression of architectural artistic effect the full utilization of architectural work. The cable outside the structure is arranged on the outside of the structure by means of struts, which will occupy more building space reduce the net height of the space. When the prestressed cable is arranged with struts, the cable arrangement is linear. When the prestressed cable is arranged with struts, the cable is arranged in a folded form. Both linear cables folding cables can be used in the layout of prestressed cables inside the structure. The folding clues are widely used when the prestressed cable is arranged outside the structure.


According to the relative position, boundary condition, decoration requirement function orientation of space bar, the spherical grid structure is arranged in a reasonable way. If the structure type is network frame, in order to make the stress distribution even, the cable should be arranged in the place with large deflection tensile stress, which can improve the force rationality of the bar.

Based on the comparison optimization of the general layout of the site, the strip closed coal yard circular closed coal yard is designed according to the site conditions, the technical layout requirements of each field the coal yard with closed grid. Can complete the construction drawing network frame optimization design, material manufacturing processing supply, site installation construction.

Finally, the aspects of engineering cost practical characteristics of mature technology, the design of fully closed coal yard with steel grid structure is determined. Its main function is the statically instatic stability of steel grid structure the characteristics of large span to realize the full coverage of coal yard, thus playing the role of dust removal, energy conservation other environmental protection.


Network structure technology mature, power plant operation experience more than 20 years, short construction period, etc

Adopt stable large-span coal storage yard dome, adopt large-span steel structure grid frame, the span can realize 78 meters, the capacity of large single coal storage shed can realize 200,000 tons.

The structure of the grid has been stable for 50 years passed the inspection. The larger the span, the more steel saving, lower the cost, save investment.