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Weld spherical mesh frames

2020-06-13 10:17:05


According to the analysis of some grid structures with the general method of vibration mode decomposition response, the seismic internal force displacement of grid structures under the vertical seismic action are significant in the area with the fortification intensity of 6 7 degrees. In the seismic intensity of 8 9 degrees of the area, the grid structure should be vertical seismic check horizontal check.


The width of the bottom plate of the spherical grid frame should be less than 200mm, the length of the bottom plate can be the same as the width slightly longer. The thickness t of the base plate shall meet the bending resistance requirements of the base plate under the action of supporting force, that is, calculate according to the following formula: T ≥ F -- the designed bending strength value of steel; Mb -- Calculated value of bending moment of base plate.

The main parts of the welded ball frame are rod hollow ball. Processing technology of rod parts: steel pipe procurement - cutting - groove processing.

Divided by the number of layers, there are three main types of reticulated shell structures, namely, single-layer reticulated shell, double-layer reticulated shell three-layer reticulated shell. According to Gaussian curvature, the reticulated shell is divided into zero Gaussian curvature, positive Gaussian curvature negative Gaussian curvature. It is divided into cylindrical reticulated shell, spherical reticulated shell, two-sided parabolic reticulated shell complex curved reticulated shell.

When the rod is pulled, the transmission line is tension -- steel tube -- cone head sealing plate -- bolt -- steel ball; At this time the sleeve is under force. When the rod is under pressure, the transmission line is plate-steel plate-cone head plate-sealing plate-sleeve -- steel ball. At this point the bolt is under force the pressure is transferred by the contact surfaces between the parts.