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There are two types of spherical lattice structure

2020-06-13 10:08:45

Spherical grid structure features:

The grid is a network of rods. It is a high order statically indeterminate spatial structure. The structure of grid can be divided into two kinds: flat grid curved grid.

There are many advantages for the plate network frame, which are as follows: the space stress system, the rods mainly bear the axial force, the stress is reasonable, the overall performance of the material is good, the stiffness is big, the seismic performance is good. The rod type is less suitable for industrial production.

The flat truss can be divided into two types: the cross truss system the Angle cone system. The force of the angular cone system is more reasonable the rigidity is larger.


The ratio of the height of the net frame to the short span is generally about 1/15. Generally, steel pipe is adopted for the frame members, ball joints are generally adopted.

Stress characteristics application range of arch:

Arch is a thrust structure whose main internal force is axial pressure. The arch structure with long span can be constructed with concrete with good compressive properties.

Because of the reasonable stress of arch structure, it is widely used in buildings Bridges. Suitable for gymnasiums, exhibition halls, etc.

Types of arch: Arch can be divided into three hinged arch, two hinged arch hinge - free arch, the latter two are more.

As one of the ideal long-span structures, suspension cable structure is widely used in Bridges. The main load-bearing members of suspension structure are tensile cables, which are made of high-strength steel strand wire rope.

The tension of the cable depends on the sag in the span. The smaller the sag, the greater the tension.



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