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Type of steel structure grid structure

2020-06-13 10:06:49

The shape of steel structure spherical grid frame is unrestrained unrestrained. It contains both the metrical beauty of classical architecture the romance of modern plastic arts. As a result, more more architects are using its ruggedness artistry to design large roof skeletons. This novel beautiful grid structure. A new form of object for modern architecture.


Steel structure grid is a multi - stable space structure. It is due to the multiple overstability of the structure its flexibility compared with other structures. Matrix displacement method is usually used to calculate the internal forces of structures. Matrix medium depends on the engineering situation, the simple engineering of its matrix medium is up to ten thousand times. For more complex projects, the matrix interface is incalculable. Even with a computer using gaussian iterations, the calculation takes hours at a time. Due to the large amount of internal force calculation the high difficulty of construction drawing design, the popularization use of grid structure is greatly restricted before the degree of computer-aided design is completed.

The use of steel lattice structures in today's large stadiums is an architectural revolution in structure materials. the artistic view of the building object, the diversity of the grid structure changes. Living space, added artistic sense. Space grid structure, light construction materials, convenient installation other advantages. At the same time, as building materials are subjected to combined forces, they also have a special effect of good seismic performance.