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Ball column rail installation

2020-06-13 10:04:48

Selection of installation connection forms for the column balustrades of the spherical grid frame:


A. Welding to embedded iron steel knots

B. Use expansion bolts to install on non-metallic ground

C. Install with hexagon bolts on the steel structure

Pipe to column, pipe to pipe connection: weld with pipe core

Corner connection

Connection of the end: A, welding B, perforating the wall into C, pipe seat D, head E, blind hole column,

Spherical pillar railing for hot-dip zinc packaged fences, this product is anticorrosive performance is very good, economic practical, convenient quick installation, because regional name is different, so the ball contact rail is known as the spherical column, ball type fence, column, spherical column names such as, according to the number of the column on the global, also called double ball stud rail 3 pillar railing, do cars, purse Seine, sewage treatment plant, wharf, plot peripheral, park cars, etc.

Application of steel ladder ball connecting column:

1. Spherical column fence: The spherical column fence is hot-dip galvanized assembly fence, which seems to have good performance, economic practical, especially suitable for water works, sewage treatment plants, power plants, chemical plants, petrochemical enterprises other places with strong corrosion.

2. Square column fence: Replace spherical column with square column. The price is lower, you don't have to turn around the corner.

3. Steel grille plate inlaid steel grille plate fence: steel grille plate steel structure combined to make the fence, strong durable, magnificent, gentle elegant, unique, suitable for garden park walls.

4. Mesh fence: Mesh fence is simple in structure, firm in protection, easy to install, economical practical, widely used in oil exploitation, wild storage enclosure, golf course the field that needs to be enclosed.

Order Instructions for steel ladder ball connecting column:

1. First of all, the diameter of the column the wall thickness of the round pipe should be known

2. The height of the railing of the spherical column the number of balls

3. Diameter of transverse pipe of ball connection rail

4. Welding method of ball column railing.