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What are the forms characteristics of aseismic steel support of grid frame

2020-06-13 10:02:18

1. Steel hinge supports are generally used for support joints of spherical grid structure.


2. The structure of hinged support should conform to its mechanical assumption allow rotation; otherwise, the deformation of the actual internal force of the grid frame may be larger than the calculated value, easily causing accidents.

3, according to the span size of the grid, bearing characteristics temperature stress other factors, generally can be made into a fixed dumplings support semi-sliding hinged support.

4, some of the net frame (such as two orthogonal oblique grid) corner to the support force, so the corner should be able to resist the tension hinge support.

Mesh frame steel support, aseismatic steel support, mesh frame sliding support, steel shell support is now more more used in mesh frame engineering, because it is designed for ball bearing, no rubber part, can meet the characteristics of large displacement, large Angle, long service life, gradually replaced the original tension support drawing support.