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Maintenance of aseismic spherical bearing

2020-06-13 10:00:42

Maintenance of aseismic spherical support of spherical grid frame:

1. Check whether the support upper lower connectors are damaged, check whether the bolts are cut loose, check whether the weld is cracked, etc.

2. During the use of the support, check maintain it regularly.

3. Check rubber sealing ring for cracking aging.

4. Check the dust accumulation in the dust cover remove the dust.

5. Screw the fixing nut oil it again after cleaning to avoid rust death.

6, check the height change of support itself, this change reflects the abrasion situation of PTFE board, when the height change is more than 4㎜ should overhaul.

7. Check the intact degree of anti-rust paint, if it falls off, apply emery cloth to grind out the steel body show metallic luster, then paint it again.

8. After the occurrence of special circumstances (such as earthquake, destructive wind, etc.), the above contents shall be checked in time.

9. After the position of the support is determined, the upper lower parts can be fixed. The connection between the support the upper lower structure can be welded anchored with anchor bolts, both methods can be used simultaneously.

When welding is used, the embedded steel plate is set. The thickness plane size of the embedded steel plate are equal to the thickness plane size of the bearing roof bottom plate. The side in contact with concrete should also be welded with anchor bars for certain stiffness. The embedded steel plate should be drilled with an appropriate number of small diameter vents. When welding should be continuous welding, it is necessary to use the jumping intermittent welding method to gradually weld the periphery, in order to avoid the local temperature is too high make the support embedded steel plate deformation. When using the anchor bolt connection, it is suggested to place the support anchor bolt according to the design requirements, then pour the upper concrete. Steel hinge supports are generally used in support joints of grid structure.


Hinged support should be constructed in accordance with its mechanical assumptions, allowing rotation, otherwise the actual internal force phase deformation of the grid frame may be larger than the calculated value, easy to cause accidents.

According to the span size, bearing characteristics temperature stress other factors, it can be made into a fixed dumplings support semi-sliding hinged support.

Some of the net frame (such as two orthogonal diagonal grid frame) corner on the support to produce tension, so the corner should be able to resist the tension of the hinge support.