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Aseismic spherical shape

2020-06-13 09:58:32

Spherical seismic type spherical steel bearing in detail: bearing force mechanical calculation assumes that consistent, support by spherical force, effect of reaction about uniform reliable force, by teflon plate of the sliding bearing rotation, can play corner universal roll production, can realize sliding bearing level, allow the displacement value is big, can effectively release the structure deformation temperature stress seismic action, bearing stiffness, small deformation, high bearing capacity, the seismic performance is good, no aging, good durability, large range of applicable temperature.


Bi-directional aseismic spherical bearing features:

1. Aseismic spherical steel bearing can rotate in universal direction carry in universal direction, which can well meet the transmission, rotation movement requirements of the reaction force generated by the superstructure under various loads (such as constant load, live load, wind, seismic force, etc.) to ensure the concentrated, clear reliable reaction force.

2, resistant steel ball bearings to pull, pressure, shear force (horizontal), in the huge under the action of random earthquake forces, as long as the upper lower structure itself is destroyed, so the kind of bearing is falling beam carride out disastrous consequences will happen (in general, support is a weak link, under the strong earthquake force, prone to beam carride out, but this kind of bearing strength ductility were higher than the structure itself), so the fortified especially suitable for high intensity seismic region, have the ability to resistant to earthquake intensity of 9.

3. Aseismic spherical steel supports transmit force through the sphere, have a large bearing area, adopt the optimal combination of several materials. Therefore, compared with other hinged structure supports (swing support, roller support), their volume height are greatly reduced, their weight is light, they are easy to install. For reference only.