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Net frame ball steel support

2020-06-13 09:56:11

Different the concept of bridge ball bearing, bridge bearing has only simple vertical bearing function. It is necessary to design, but to process produce the whole set of decomposition drawings produced by the design institute. Compared with the bridge, the stress is more complex. The grid support of the steel structure should bear only the vertical pressure, but also the vertical tension, horizontal shear, super large displacement large Angle caused by the wind. the above structure structure is completely impassable, the force needs to be analyzed separately.


The size of the steel plate supported by the lower ball hinge bracket is 30cm*30cm. It is installed under the four legs of the lower ball hinge bracket respectively. The level is slightly lower than the bottom of the lower ball hinge bracket. Ball joint positioning plate size under 15 cm * 15 cm, installed in the direction the vertical axis line direction along the route ball joint spacing 2 m, elevation ball joint under the top elevation is flat steel plate, steel plate welded at the bottom of the 1.5 m long [10 channel steel, channel steel embedded concrete pillar top 10 cm. Slide positioning plate structure the ball joint positioning steel structure similar to that of the top slide plate bottom elevation is the same, along the way of medium span embedded 8. Mounting bracket the ball joint under the ball.

Install four hand hoist on the right left, slowly pull the lower ball hinge bracket, adjust the position of the lower ball hinge until it completely coincides with the coordinates. At the same time, measure the elevation of the top of the lower ball hinge with electronic level until the elevation difference between any two points on the edge of the lower ball hinge is no more than 1mm.