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Working principle of structural grid support

2020-06-13 09:53:43

The working principle of the spherical grid support of the structure is to fix the spherical grid support to close at high altitude:


1) After the grid is installed at high altitude, the distance between the grid the support should be adjusted. For this reason, several groups of chain links should be installed above the grid for horizontal adjustment.

2) Check the overall elevation of the network frame to prevent uneven height. If it is difficult to remove, the elevation can be placed first by one side, the horizontal chain link can be adjusted so that the higher qualified end can be placed first. The size of the rod can be modified at any time, the groove can be re-opened, but the length of the rod should be too large, the original size should be maintained as far as possible. The adjustment method is to tighten the inverted chain on one side loosen the support of the inverted chain grid on the other side, so that the distance is gradually appropriate.

Rack rubber bearing is made of rubber embedded steel plate after compression, sulfide, has enough vertical stiffness, support the upper structure building roof, such as sun roof steel structure such as vertical load, at the same time, through its good elasticity large shear deformation to meet the superstructure bearing caused by temperature change the rotation horizontal movement, reduce the thrust of supporting structure of the roof, through the local bearing damping, vibration isolation effect of energy consumption, USES the network frame roof structure of rubber bearing are as follows: Double-layer steel mesh frame for bolt ball joints, welded steel mesh frame steel roof frame, etc. When the above structure displacement is large, tetrafluoro-type rubber support can be used, natural rubber support can be used in cold areas (-40℃). Neoprene bearings with better comprehensive properties are used in other areas. For reference only.