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Weld the ball cage in front of it

2020-06-13 09:48:28

The selection of temporary fulcrum the support of the fulcrum are closely related to the surrounding network frame. In the construction process, the fulcrum may be adjusted at any time. It is more convenient to use the jack.

Before welding the ball mesh frame, the deformation shrinkage of the steel mesh frame should be considered in the welding process, so the deformation shrinkage value should be measured.


Elastic vibration damping element is adopted in the bearing of the spherical grid frame. When the horizontal force is large enough, elastic deformation of the damping spring begins to be realized. When the structure turns around, the ball core rotates, releasing the torque generated by the superstructure. In an earthquake, rigid seismic measures flexible vibration reduction measures occur simultaneously to resist the huge input earthquake energy, which can only ensure the reasonable relative displacement of the bridge structure, reduce the amplification factor of seismic force, but also maintain the unity of the structure.

The four-hole rubber damping bearing of the grid has the functions of vertical bearing, vertical turning Angle under the action of external forces resistance to horizontal shear.

The bearing does have horizontal displacement, the main bearing has the function of vertical shock absorption. Horizontal shear of bearing is considered due to bolt limit.

The support is suitable for simple product structure, easy installation, replacement maintenance, low cost.

The horizontal bearing capacity, vertical drawing force overall strength of the steel structure support grid support are greatly improved compared with the ordinary support.