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When the grid is normally installed

2020-06-13 09:45:29

Tools for installation of the spherical grid: theodolite, level, steel tape measure, welder, goggles, gloves, wires, wiring board, hammer, hammer, wrench, jack, etc.


Rack normal installation, tidy up the bottom chord grid first, secondly to CHS vertebral body upper chord equipment is good, should pay attention to the upper chord again after installation shall be such as to deal with all the screw, rack bottom chord is bent over too much, generally for two grid, lower chord node to solid, wait for the network frame structure stability, can get rid of the block of node, its surrounding supporting rack requires 6 ~ 8 a grid, can only be removed.

The network frame node is the place under great pressure in the whole. During the construction, the high-strength bolts should be handled in place then the bolts screws should be tightened.

During the installation of the grid, pay attention to the size of the assembly the control of the axis at any time.

During the installation, the connecting plate the embedded parts shall be welded the nuts shall be tightened according to the actual design requirements.

After installation, inspect as required record the inspection results.

The selection of the temporary fulcrum of the steel grid is related to the stress of the grid the bar, it should be carefully handled. Before installation, a reasonable fulcrum should be found the elevation of the fulcrum should be determined. The stability of the fulcrum should be monitored all the time. If the fulcrum sinks, the stress of the steel truss will be seriously affected.