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The grid is installed on the top of the column

2020-06-13 09:43:20

(1) Axis deviation of embedded parts of spherical grid structure, relative elevation flatness requirements. First of all, the required error range of relative elevation is defined: the height difference between two points adjacent to the requirement is less than equal to 5mm, the height difference between randomly selected two points is less than equal to 10mm, the flatness is less than equal to 3mm. In addition, the construction personnel shall be provided with a detailed plan of the axis of embedded parts, in which the elevation shall be marked. The axis shall be carefully examined the deviation shall be modified in time.


(2) Scaffolding erection requirements. Rack installation has a high requirement on the scaffolding, its bearing capacity, stud spacing high step has a standard value, at the bottom of the post requires a small wood sweeping the floor, bottom chord underside down 15 ~ 20 cm range as the scaffold platform level, in order to ensure the scaffolding overall layout of the fault resistance, slip resistance, resistance to deformation, etc., the early stage of the rack installation, scaffolding for testing the quality of the scaffold, properly kept, prevent it corrosion.

(3) The components of the grid roof should be properly placed, stacked together, placed in the open wet, should be placed in the corresponding tool room, bar, ball, no grain nut other parts should be classified management, because of improper storage of parts affect the progress.

(4) After the entry of high-standard materials, such as bolting balls welding balls, etc., professional performance inspection reports shall be provided to the supervisors.

(5) The installation of grid has a very high requirement for the strength of concrete on the top of the column. Its strength has been audited for many times meets the national standard. It can only be used for construction if it meets the installation requirements at the present stage. For reference only.