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Installation mode of spherical grid frame

2020-06-13 09:40:51


The structure of the spherical grid is relatively stable, mainly used in the production workshops of some enterprises, all kinds of public activities. The structural span of these buildings is large, their parts are mainly connected by bolts, which will make installation easier have better stability.

Spherical grid frames can be used for large-scale construction work. This is only a few years of new construction technology, but also a mature performance of the building structure. The application of this structure has solved the problems arising the traditional architectural structure. The spherical lattice structure can bear different range of pressures.

The common installation methods are as follows: integral hoisting method, block installment method, upper-air bulk method, upper-air sliding method, integral jacking method integral hoisting method. These installation methods have their own characteristics, but they should be selected according to the actual situation of the project. In the process of practical work, we should also follow the basic principle of seeking truth facts, so as to enhance the practicality of architectural structure.

Rack installation preparation is mainly: first of all have a general understanding on the scene of the environment, the second view of the individual project point whether meet the requirements of rack installation, to carry out the on-site tool readiness, estimate in advance the axis of the embedded part deviation, etc., on the basis of preparation on site audit, required to protect the installation requirements.