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The supporting structure of the reticulated shell

2019-11-18 16:12:35

The supporting structure of reticulated shells should only ensure the reliable transfer of vertical reaction, but also satisfy the boundary constraints of different reticulated shells. The support points of spherical reticulated shells should be guaranteed to resist the constraints of horizontal displacement

The cylindrical reticulated shell can be supported in the following ways: two ends, two longitudinal sides four sides. The end supports shall have sufficient in-plane stiffness. The bearing points along the two longitudinal sides should be guaranteed to resist the constraint conditions of lateral horizontal displacement.


The hyperbolic parabolic reticulated shell should transfer the load to the support substructure through the edge member. The edge members should have sufficient stiffness be calculated together as part of the whole reticulated shell.

Elliptic parabolic reticulated shells four combined hyperbolic parabolic reticulated shells should be supported along the periphery by edge members. Edge members shall have sufficient stiffness.

The plane shape is rectangular, the network frame with three supporting sides one opening can be selected according to the bar. The open side has sufficient rigidity, the methods such as increasing the height of the network frame, increasing the number of layers of the network frame forming a complete side truss can be adopted.

The plane shape is rectangular, the multi-point supporting grid can be selected according to the specific situation