Spherical grid

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Basic design requirements for the grid

2019-11-18 16:12:35

1) The plane shape is a rectangular surrounding supporting grid. When the side length ratio (long side/short side) is no more than 15, it is advisable to choose a positive quadrangle grid, a diagonal quadrangle grid, a checkerboard quadrangle grid, a positive displacement quadrangle grid, a two-direction positive Angle grid, a two-direction positive stop intersection grid. When the side length ratio of the spherical grid structure is greater than 1.5, it is advisable to choose the two-direction intersection grid, the quadrangle grid the quadrangle grid. When the plane is long narrow, the unidirectional folding line can be used.


2) The plane shape is rectangular, the network frame with three supporting sides one opening can be selected according to 1. The open side has sufficient rigidity, which can be used to increase the height of the network frame, increase the number of layers of the network frame form a complete side truss.

3) The plane shape is rectangular the grid is supported by multiple points. According to the specific situation, the positive quadrangle grid, the positive quadrangle grid, the two-way orthogonal grid can be selected.

4) The plane shape is circular, regular hexagon close to regular hexagon is supported by the surrounding network frame. According to the specific situation, the three-direction network frame, triangular cone network frame extractive triangular cone network frame can be selected. To small span, also can choose honeycomb shape tricone net frame.

5) The grid height grid size of the grid shall be determined according to the span size, cylinder size, grid form, roofing material, structural requirements building functions, etc. The ratio of the grid height shall be 1/10-1/18. The number of grids in the short span should be less than 5. Determine the mesh size so that the Angle between adjacent members is less than 30 degrees.