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Thin-walled space structure

2019-11-18 16:12:11

(1) Cable structure, spherical lattice is one of the ideal long-span structure forms, which is widely used in Bridges. The main load-bearing member of suspension structure is the cable which is made of steel strand wire rope.


(2) The cable tension depends on the sag in the span. The smaller the sag, the greater the tension. The sag of the cable is generally 1/30 of the span.

(1) Also called shell structure. Belongs to the spatial force structure, mainly bears the axial pressure in the surface, the bending moment is very small.

(2) Thin shells are often used for long-span roof structures, such as exhibition halls, clubs, aircraft hangars, etc. The thin shell structure is mostly made of cast-in-place reinforced concrete, which costs formwork laboring time.

In the case of the support reaction transmitted by the support node of the grid frame, the support node the tension support node can be combined. Pressure support nodes are: flat pressure support node, single-sided curved pressure support, double-sided curved pressure support, ball hinge pressure support node rubber support node. Tension support node: flat tension support node single curved tension support node.

The installation methods of the grid frame vary with the assembly methods the selection of installation machines tools, mainly including aerial bulk method, strip block installation method, aerial sliding method, integral hoisting method, integral lifting method integral jacking method, etc.

In order to make the top pressure even, the base plate should be too thin, its thickness should be less than 16-20mm.

The net frame seal plate the cone head are mainly used to connect the steel pipe bolts, bear the tension pressure the rod parts. When the pipe diameter of the rod is greater than equal to 76mm, it is advisable to use the taper head connection; When the pipe diameter of the rod is less than 76mm, sealing plate connection can be adopted.

The classification of reticulated shells is usually divided by layers, gaussian curvature curved surface.