Spherical grid

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The space grid structure is called the space grid structure

2019-11-18 16:11:51

The spherical grid frame the lattice shell are called spatial grid structure. This kind of space grid structure is a space structure which is connected by several rods according to some regular geometric figures through nodes. It can give full play to the advantages of three-dimensional space. The structure composed of two more layers of flat meshes is called grid structure (referred to as grid structure), the structure composed of one two layers of curved meshes is called grid shell.


One kind of truss structure is composed of plane truss system

Two directions orthogonal positive laying grid: this is a grid composed of two sets of plane trusses. The projection axes of the trusses on the plane are at an Angle of 90° to each other, are parallel perpendicular to the boundary. The grids formed can be rectangular square.

Two quadrature diagonal grid: it can be obtained by rotating the beam orthogonality grid on the horizontal plane for 45°, its intersection Angle is also 90°. However, each truss is parallel to the axis of the building, but forms an intersection Angle of 45°, so it becomes two quadrature diagonal grid.

Three-way grid: it is more rigid than two-way grid suitable for large-span structure. Its plane is suitable for triangle, trapezoid regular hexagon. It can also be used in circular plane.