Spherical grid

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Architectural modeling

2019-11-18 16:11:51

(1) The spherical grid has a beautiful architectural form, which can give designers full creation no matter in architectural plane, shape form. In the building plane can adapt to a variety of shapes, such as circle, rectangle, polygon, triangle, sector a variety of irregular plane. A variety of curved surfaces can be formed in architectural appearance.


(2) Reasonable stress, can span a large span, save steel. Due to the diversity of reticular shell surface, the structural designer can make the reticular shell bear even force through careful surface design, mainly bear the pressure, great stiffness, reduce deformation, achieve the purpose of saving steel.

(3) Larger space can be formed by components, which can be prefabricated in the factory to achieve industrial production, easy rapid installation, without the need for large equipment, so the comprehensive economic indicators are better. Other advantages such as connection calculation methods are the same as those of the grid structure are repeated.

The structure of reticulated shell also has some shortcomings, mainly as follows: the deviation of the geometrical size of the rod node the deviation of the surface have great influence on the internal force, overall stability construction accuracy of reticulated shell, which brings difficulties to the structural design. In addition, in order to reduce the initial shortcomings, higher requirements should be put forward for the processing precision of the rod node, which increases the difficulties in the processing. These shortcomings in the road degree mesh shell is more prominent.

(4) Mesh shell structure can constitute a large space, but when the height is very high, it increases the roof area unnecessary building space, increases the consumption of building materials energy.