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Advantages disadvantages of grid structure

2019-11-18 16:11:51

(1) The spherical grid structure is flexible varied, but has high regularity, easy to use, can adapt to various architectural requirements. Although the net wears a structure to have 10 20 kinds much, but each kind is very regular, its decorate master, this greatly facilitated design worker. Space within the height of the grid can be used to set up facilities such as pipes. Grid structure exposed partially exposed, due to the rules of its geometry, can enrich the architectural effect. The grid structure can also adapt to various supporting conditions various building plane shapes, can meet the requirements of public buildings industrial workshops, so it is willing to be adopted by designers


(2) Simple reliable node connection. In recent years, the network frame nodes their components have been gradually standardized, factorized commercialized, which only simplifies the production installation of node connections, but also ensures the mechanical performance reliable quality of nodes. This has played a role in promoting the application of grid structure.

(3) Computer-aided design has been adopted in the mature analysis calculation. The rods of the grid structure are generally steel rods, which are mainly affected by the axial force. The design of such rods is very mature in theory. Due to the development of computational structural mechanics, the analysis calculation of this kind of structure system has been very reliable. Therefore, there are many kinds of general programs computer-aided design software for computing network frame in China, the design cycle is greatly shortened.

(4) High degree of mechanization in processing production, has been all factory. The struts nodes of the grid structure are relatively single fixed, so they can be produced in batches machined in factories. This only guarantees the processing quality but also shorens the production time, which is obviously superior to the processing of other types of spatial structures.

(5) It is economical to use materials can span a large span with fewer materials. The truss structure is a kind of structure with three-direction stress, which is supported by each other by the bars at the spatial intersection of the structure. The bars are mainly subjected to axial force, so the materials are economical the stiffness is large, which is suitable for the case with a large span.

(6) To meet the requirements of building industrialization commercialization, China has developed a wide range of hollow ball node letty ball node network structure design, factory production. Accordingly, can choose buy directly according to need.