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What green environmental protection value does spherical grid structure have?

2019-11-18 16:11:51


1: The light structure of the spherical grid structure can withstand a degree of pressure. This protects the environment in terms of energy saving, land saving material saving, thus reducing pollution providing people with healthy adaptive use space.

2. Short construction period; Generally speaking, the construction time of spherical lattice structure is much shorter than that of traditional concrete structure building, which also has a great green change the aspects of saving time, effort resources.

3. Strong ductility; Generally speaking, the steel is very strong, but after it is processed into a building, the pressure it bears will increase to a certain extent. In terms of mobility, designability easy combination, the spherical grid structure is much higher than the traditional concrete structure.

Has been committed to the spherical grid structure design, production, installation, engaged in a number of large domestic network frame design, processing, production engineering, understanding the concept of China's green building has been walk in the forefront of the grid company, our philosophy is to design the rack is to have practical, more important is to enough green environmental protection, save resources, the purpose of building. It will be your wise decision to choose Hunan Yinhe steel structure for design production.