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A detail that you have to pay attention to when installing a spherical grid structure

2019-11-18 16:11:51


The application range of spherical grid structure is very wide, before the installation construction of the spherical grid structure, the construction personnel of the engineering team should be familiar with the drawings of all components, bars, spherical models, specifications the location.

The spherical grid structure is prefabricated in the factory then transported to the construction site for assembly. Transportation may involve problems such as the loading unloading of components on the way the deformation during transportation. Therefore, when the components are transported to the construction site, they must be checked one by one according to the drawings to make sure that the components have no quality problems before they can be received.

In the process of installation of grid structure, especially the long-span planar grid structure, we try to apply sliding construction, to use full scaffold, the advantage of doing so is to prevent the deformation caused by the structure weight in the installation process, once the deformation will be detrimental to the subsequent construction installation. Scaffolding can ensure construction protection at the same time, bear part of the weight of the grid, so can prevent the grid sinking.

There is another construction detail of the spherical grid structure that needs attention. The friction surface of the components should be kept dry, the direction of the degree bolts into the ball hole should be consistent, it must be twisted into two times without leakage.